Continuing Services

Carlisle/Wortman directs the planning department for more than 63 communities. We keep office hours, attend planning commission and zoning board meetings, prepare agendas and minutes, review site plans and serve as a resource to city councils, township boards and other municipal departments. When communities need additional work, we draw on our staff of specialists to execute the project.


Few issues can get a community into trouble quicker than zoning disputes. As zoning administrators, we accept applications and review appeals impartially. We write clear, manageable ordinances drawing on industry best practices and our 28 years of experience in Michigan.

Master Plans

Master plans must assemble existing conditions, demographic and market trends, the forces of nature and the desires of your citizens in a written plan that also inspires. Carlisle/Wortman Associates has won awards for its innovative approach to master plans. We use traditional, digital and social media to make sure plans reflect the wishes of people of all ages.

Onsite Staffing

Step up to the counter in some of our communities and the staffer who helps you is a Carlisle/Wortman employee. Local administrators set the specifications and we match them with our customer-friendly protocols to provide excellent service. Managers can estimate annual and long-term budgets with confidence.

Recreation and Parks Plans

Residents consistently list parks and recreational activities as one of the most important services a community provides and people hunger for a diverse array of features. Our recreation specialists stay on top of the latest innovations in their field, thoughtfully researching local demand to match the amenities with the community profile. Our plans help our clients qualify for grants from the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund and we can help manage those grants.

Downtown Development

Our history parallels that of tax increment financing and downtown development authorities in Michigan. Over the years we’ve prepared downtown development plans and business plans, designed street- and landscapes, forecast economic conditions and managed DDAs.


We put our hearts and souls into conserving and enhancing Michigan’s natural beauty. We help communities reduce stormwater runoff, preserve open spaces, protect watersheds and promote natural energy sources.

Special Studies

Our staff professionals have studied and planned for any kind of challenge you can imagine. We’ve done corridor plans, market analyses, capital improvement plans, non-motorized plans, downtown and TIF plans. When we need related services, like engineering, testing or data crunching, we partner with the top firms in Michigan.