• Washtenaw-Pittsfield-Twp

    “I have a good relationship with Ben and Dick. They’re honest with me. There’s a trust factor. They’re not yes men. If they think I’m wrong they’ll tell me. I always know they are going to give me their professional opinions in a positive, constructive, honest way and that’s valuable.”

    City Planning Director


  • “John always seems to have somebody who can work at our project who’s knowledgeable and can give us an honest opinion. I can call there and even if John or Laura aren’t around there’s someone who can answer my question.”

    Township Zoning Administrator


  • “Carlisle Wortman brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our planning, zoning ordinance and ordinance enforcement. They handle appeals to the zoning board and contentious issues professionally and keep us informed and up to date, not just on planning but also on court cases and legislative issues.”

    Township Manager


  • “We ask for their opinion a lot of times. We’re a small township. There are things we haven’t encountered in our time in office. They’re the professionals that lead us in the right direction so we can avoid mistakes made from lack of knowledge.”

    Township Supervisor


  • “Their site plan reviews are extremely thorough. Paul does a wonderful job with the details. He gives clear direction of where the application needs to go and how to achieve a site plan that truly works for the community and for the developer.”

    Township Zoning Administrator


  • “They understand our uniqueness and that of the other communities they work for and they work within those parameters and boundaries. Development patterns are driven by the vision of the township. They have helped us maximize the visual and practical attributes that are components of this vision.”

    Township Manager


  • “It’s a relationship that works. Its success is measured by the level of communication and the continual interaction that goes with a community. Trends do change faster than government can … or should. Carlisle tells us what to prioritize in terms of trends.”

    Township Development Director


What is your vision for your community?

What is your vision for your community? Do you dream of innovation and growth? Do you need to protect farm land, open spaces and natural features? Are you rebuilding infrastructure?

Do your citizens understand and share that vision?

How will you find and manage the resources to achieve your vision?

For more than 35 years, Carlisle/Wortman Associates has helped the leaders of Michigan communities define and realize their futures.

Our strongest work comes from the 63 communities where we manage the planning department, in some cases for more than 25 years. We deliver the traditional tools of planning, like master plans, zoning, public hearings, site plan reviews and parks and recreation plans, supplementing them when needed with downtown plans, environmental and energy plans, grant writing and management and more.

Our staff professionals contribute knowledge and leadership to planners and municipal leaders through our blog, journal articles, professional conferences and training. We are home to four past presidents of the Michigan Association of Planning.

Communities that choose Carlisle/Wortman Associates know that they can plan with confidence.