onsite staffing

Who likes talking to customers at the counter? We do!

Our well-trained, knowledgeable, and customer-friendly professionals step up to the counter with a smile. We are prepared to walk residents, business owners, and prospective property owners through regulations and processes of projects big and small. Whether it is a resident wanting to build a deck, or a developer who wants to put in a multimillion dollar development, our experts can set them on the path to a successful project.

We cater our onsite staffing services to your community’s needs and budget. We can be available for office hours to provide assistance with day-to-day administrative tasks and for individually scheduled pre-application meetings with developers and local officials. And while we might not always provide the answer that someone wants to hear, our services are always provided in a polite and respectful way.

Our staff is your staff. You set the protocol and we provide unmatched professional service.