Zoning Ordinance

Pittsfield Township

Reflecting the vision of the community’s 2010 Master Plan update, the 2013 Pittsfield Township Zoning Ordinance establishes provisions to strengthen rural areas and economic vitality of agriculture, preserve and promote strong existing neighborhoods, integrate art and culture into the public realm, encourage public gathering places, and promote higher density mixed use development at six focused development nodes.

The last significant revision of the Pittsfield Zoning Ordinance occurred over twenty years ago. Since that time, a number of best practices and amendments have been implemented to address specific issues, remain consistent with the Michigan zoning enabling statute, and respond to precedents established by case law.

Without compromising legal precision, the Ordinance has been made understandable to the user. Improved graphics have been included in the document using new software technology. The graphics complement the text to make the Ordinance more user-friendly. Such graphics better illustrate the ordinance requirements such as dimensional, landscaping, and signage regulations. The Ordinance is designed not only for hard copy but also online use, with hyperlinks provided to allow cross-referencing between sections of the Ordinance.

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