Jackson Road Overlay Study Area and Corridor Design Guidelines

Scio Township

The Jackson Road Corridor area has been identified as the core for new economic development within Scio Township and a focal point for the community.

The Jackson Road corridor has seen considerable growth since the 1980s due to its favorable location within Scio’s sewer district, its proximity to I-94 and the interstate transportation network, and a desire, according to the Township Master Land Use Plan, to encourage the development of commercial, industrial and manufacturing uses along its length.

Over the last twenty years, improvements to the corridor have taken place as a result of the efforts of an active Downtown Development Authority and through zoning regulations and site plan review.

The current efforts focused on setting design standards guiding new development and redevelopment within the overlay district. The guidelines provided recommendations about the use and site elements the future overlay district will require including land use, vehicular parking and circulation, pedestrian circulation, pedestrian amenities, landscaping, building design and orientation, and other exterior elements including screening, lighting, and stormwater design.

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