Gratiot and Groesbeck Corridor Economic Vision

City of Roseville

The City of Roseville observed that investment on Gratiot Avenue and Groesbeck Highway had stalled.

Gratiot and Groesbeck are state highways with extremely high traffic volumes. Gratiot Avenue is primarily fronted with commercial and retail uses. It has three districts with distinct property and development characteristics including an evolving downtown named Utica Junction. Groesbeck Highway is fronted by industrial and service commercial land uses. The City recognized that the 2008 recession was a cause of little investment but also recognized that plans, codes, and services needed to be more modified.

An economic vision and a set of strategies was prepared for each corridor, including specific strategies for each of the Gratiot Avenue districts. The strategies were organized into the following themes: Tax Incentives, Master Plan & Zoning Ordinance, and Design & Transportation. Strategies were also developed for the City of Roseville’s Administration & Operations.

This document was part of Roseville’s overall submission to the Michigan Economic Development Corporation for certification as a Redevelopment Ready Community.

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