Master Plan

City of Troy

The City of Troy is a regional center for employment, world class shopping, sports and entertainment, and a high quality of life.

Troy is a community of strong residential neighborhoods and exemplary schools. Second only to Detroit in the State of Michigan in terms of total property value, and one of the largest cities in the State in terms of population, Troy’s complexity demanded that the development of the Master Plan explore a very wide variety of topics based around an all new approach.

Troy competes on a national market level for top companies and developers. The City prides itself on its state-of-the-art infrastructure and reputation for innovation which help it build relationships with nationally known corporations.

Consequently, Troy is home to many corporate headquarters and therefore has a regionally critical role in the future of Southeast Michigan. In light of the statewide economy, the City of Troy is determined to solidify its status as a regional leader in economic development, smart growth, and sustainability.

These challenges and goals demanded a new philosophy toward city planning. To accomplish this, Carlisle/Wortman Associates employed a new tool, the Smart Growth Readiness Assessment, to gain public input, and used existing relationships with many key stakeholders in the City to build a strong foundation of community input.

The Master Plan itself is organized around important topics the City is facing, rather than simply on the conventional template used in years past. Using a topic-based approach, the City has been able to analyze in great detail those issues most crucial to the City’s continued success.

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