People of all ages want local sustainability

By Chris Nordstrom PLA, ASLAAccording to a survey completed by the National Recreation and Park Association, over 83% of Americans 18 years or older feel it is important for local governments to prioritize environmental initiatives. Families with children (89%) and Millennials (79%) were the strongest proponents of sustainability. Here’s the NRPA report.The survey results suggest that communities would do well to look into their own sustainability-based practices. Park and trail development, community level recycling and green infrastructure development all require significant constituent buy-in to be successful. Prudent fiscal management will always be a priority at any level of government. The challenge is identifying methods of incorporating sustainability in a fashion that not only is good for the environment, but ultimately ends up saving the community money.CWA can help communities meet their sustainability goals by recommending best practices, pursuing grant funds, and identifying opportunities for incorporating green infrastructure into municipal systems. Contact us to find out how we can help you.