Two sources of green infrastructure information plus a work in process

By Sally Elmiger and Laura Krepsbioswale_webUsing green infrastructure or low impact development (LID) solutions for stormwater in developed areas has long been considered too difficult and expensive to implement.  However, the EPA has put together a guidebook describing 12 case studies that show local governments, developers, and other stakeholders what is possible and how to overcome barriers to incorporating green infrastructure into developed areas.  "City Green: Innovative Green Infrastructure Solutions for Downtowns and Infill Locations" (2016) provides examples that encourage communities to adopt policies allowing these innovative stormwater solutions, and outlines how developers and designers have used green infrastructure approaches in cities across the country.  Download the guidebook here.SEMCOG and MDEQ have published  “Low Impact Development Manual for Michigan: A Design Guide for Implementors and Reviewers.”  Click here to read this book, which educates both policy makers and technicians about green infrastructure by providing everything from general descriptions and fact sheets to full technical details that can be used to design stormwater systems for Michigan’s varied environmental conditions.The City of Detroit water department in concert with the Land Bank Authority and the University of Michigan recently initiated this pilot program repurposing four vacant lots into rain gardens.