Land conservancy group grows to serve urban areas

By Dick CarlisleDick Carlisle-Osprey Awards-webLast month I had the distinct pleasure to be the keynote speaker at the Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy (SBLC) annual Ospreys recognition banquet, attended by more than 200 supporters. Zak Branigan, a former CWA planner, is the executive director of the SBLC and is doing a terrific job in raising the organization’s profile and launching a number of new urban initiatives in Bay City and Saginaw. My talk focused on the importance of bringing conservation close to home. Recognizing SBLC’s work, I emphasized that many young folks who live in disadvantaged surroundings don’t have the same opportunities as others to enjoy nature. Proving such opportunities is not only a matter of social equity, it is also a smart way to recruit a new generation of people dedicated to conservation. We’re proud of the work that Zak and his staff are doing.