Master Plan

Village of Dexter

The Village of Dexter completed their Master Plan update in Spring 2012.

Dexter is a growing community that faces the difficult challenge of accommodating increasing growth and development while maintaining its small town character. A key component of the Village of Dexter Master Plan is the articulation of a vision for the Dexter’s future growth and the formulation of community goals which reflect the community desires in response to future development opportunities.

Goals identified through the 2011 Community Survey and other public participation events include:
• Provide various passive and active recreation opportunities.
• Provide a desirable residential environment with diverse housing options.
• Preserve and strengthen the existing character of the downtown area.
• Encourage development along the Baker and Dexter-Ann Arbor Road corridors.
• Promote quality, job-producing economic development.

In addition to the general goals, policies were formulated to address specific issues related to land use, transportation, community facilities and services, specific development strategies and site design guidelines.

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