Parks And Recreation Master Plan

City of Berkley

Located in the southeastern corner of Oakland County, within the metropolitan Detroit Area, the City of Berkley is well known for its high quality of life. Berkley was ranked the 12th most livable community by Coldwell Bankers in 2012, and the City’s school system was ranked in the top six in Michigan in 2008. City residents cherish their park system, and place a high value on preserving and improving existing recreation facilities.

Carlisle/Wortman Associates, in partnership with Hubbel, Roth, and Clark Engineering (HRC), has prepared Berkley’s previous two Parks and Recreation Plans, including the City’s 2016 plan. The Plan helped the Parks Department pinpoint opportunities for development within the existing system. Based in part on the recommendations of the Plan, the City put out a request for proposal to upgrade and develop the Merchants/Oxford Park property in the spring of 2016.

The Recreation Plan identified a number of opportunities for Parks Department to pursue, ranging from small, easily implementable program offerings to large, capital intensive projects such as redevelopment of the City’s Recreation Center and Ice Arena. In a community that is effectively completely built out, we helped to identify and conceptualize new park facilities in areas that were previously unavailable, including a pocket park on Berkley’s east side, a veteran’s memorial park, and a linear park located along the western edge of the Roseland Park Cemetery connecting to Royal Oak. Most importantly, the Plan identified funding sources the City can utilize to help ease the financial burden of development costs, and allow Berkley to continue to provide world class recreation opportunities for its residents.

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