Low Impact Development (Lid) Stormwater Ordinance

Green Oak Charter Township

Low Impact Development (LID) is a set of site development techniques that, when used together, create a “treatment train” for stormwater.

These methods minimize runoff by capturing and infiltrating stormwater as close to the source as possible, and then treat any remaining runoff that does occur by small, vegetated site amenities.  Examples include preserving woodlands and wetlands, rain gardens, bio-swales, permeable pavement, and green roofs.  The end result is cleaner surface water and lower stream flows after storm events.

Green Oak Charter Township’s top elected official and Carlisle/Wortman Associates (CWA) staff participated in the development of the Low Impact Development (LID) Manual for Michigan, a how-to guidebook produced by the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments and Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

Assisted by CWA, Green Oak then initiated revisions to its stormwater management ordinance to require LID techniques when feasible.  The project team coordinated its requirements with the Livingston County Drain Commissioner’s Office to create a cooperative and coordinated review system that advances the LID approach to stormwater management in the Township, and acts as a model ordinance for other communities across the County.

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